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Final Fantasy XV: multiplayer expansion Comrades sled in early November

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 21 ott 2017 15:16
Square Enix revealed through his twitter account that the multiplayer expansion Comrades of Final Fantasy XV , scheduled so far for the October 31, sledging in early November due to some changes that the team believes to make to offer players the best possible gaming experience.

In this set, which takes place in time after the events in chapter 13 of the main game, will wear the clothes of one of the Angoni possess unique powers and abilities of the various kings of Lucis . We can also create a custom character and accomplish missions in single player in addition to the multiplayer missions, in order to further increase the level of our character. In future updates you can also play with other fellow Noctis including Gladio , Prompto and Ignis .

Please note that the expansion will be available to all those in possession of the Season Pass or can be purchased separately.