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Days Gone finally has a date, new trailer

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 7 giu 2018 19:04
Sony has finally announced the release date of Days Gone : the long-awaited open world zombesco title of the study February 22, comes just after the Bend tussle for Christmas. For the occasion was also released a new trailer for the game that, while not very long, reveals some new features of the title.

The first of these is the introduction of new threatening creatures like the Cougar, or mountain lions, and the crows infected, called "grami" in the game world. In the movie we witness an ambush of Marauders, torching an old vehicle and hurl themselves onto the freeway to try to unseat Deacon. The video closes with Deacon that runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere: a moment of calm, hopefully, but which can freeze the blood in your veins.

The trailer also introduces a new enemy faction: "Requiescat in pace", or RIP, a cult that worships the furious. Its members, known as "Repulsive", dress like furious, they seek to kill anyone other than a furious. In addition to being a key element of the story, the Loathsome constitute an important aspect of the ecology of furious in the game. To dismantle a Repulsive field, for example, just try to attract a swarm inside: because the Repulsive will refuse to kill i furiosi, the results will be amazing.

We leave you now to your movie: enjoy!

MP Video - Days Gone