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Kalypso makes us fight the Ragnarok with the action-RPG isometric Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

di Alessandro Rindolli / Marius Vader P 21 lug 2016 20:10
Kalypso Media and Games Farm have announced the development of a new IP, a title action-RPG with isometric titled Vikings: Wolves of Midgard . The narrative plot will put us in the shoes of a Viking chieftain whose purpose it will save most legendary Midgard mythological participating in conflict: the Ragnarok.

"Legend has it that when will drop the coldest winter, Jotan will take their revenge against the gods of Asgard. The world is on the road to perdition and Midgard's fate hangs in the balance. But when the Fire Giants and frost will begin to merge their armies, will clash with the clan of Ulfung, known as the "Wolves of Midgard (The Wolves of Midgard, to be precise). Indomitable, after the destruction of their village, the clan of Viking warriors are determined to reclaim their destiny and save the world. As Clan leader, the player must save Midgard from complete annihilation and lead the Chase to defeat the devilish creatures Fimbulwinter "
The game is scheduled early in 2017, and provides an online co-op mode, different styles of combat (sword and shield, two handed hammer, an axe to hand and can be deadly archers). Like any self-respecting RPG, the more you fight, the more they become powerful, with the ability to acquire and improve devastating spells and other special abilities.
Besides the Story mode (and New Game plus ) is a special mode, which rewards the best warriors with equipment and special runes, entitled " Trialsof the Gods ."
But we see in detail the various features of the game:
  • Fantasy meets the Norse mythology: traveling between the realms of Midgard , Niflheim and Balheim as a ruthless Warrior Viking;
  • Survive the deadly winter, protect yourself from illness and from the wrath of nature;
  • Tribute to the gods, gathering the blood of fallen enemies and sacrificing on the altars to get gifts and improvements for your powers;
  • Berserker Rage mode, let yourself be guided by anger to ravage your enemies in combat;
  • Hone your skills with every weapon to unlock their true potential, including swords, bows and spells;
  • With powerful amulets and talismans, get the power of the gods, as Thor and Loki . Put your skills to the test by competing in the trials of the gods, to earn additional points;
  • Team up with a friend in the " Shores of Midgard" , an epic two-player online co-op mode. You can choose four different difficulty settings, including hard Hardcore mode, to meet any skill;
  • Restore the Clan of wolves, reconstructing your village and guiding them to glory. Improves the buildings to unlock more content and better equipment;
  • Collecting fragments of armor and weapons scattered around the game world, you would get the most fearsome creatures, and command the legendary weapons of the kingdoms;
  • With its " New Game + " available once you have completed the Story mode, you can bring your own Viking Warrior to its maximum potential;
  • Thanks the destructible environment, you can use the scenario of the game to their advantage, burying the enemies by throwing them down from the cliffs under Rocky or landslides;

Pending further information, and remembering the game scheduled in early 2017, we leave you to the Gallery of screenshots released with the announcement of the game.