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Rumor: PS4 will come a new controller with Slim with upper lightbar

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 23 ago 2016 08:32
After the recent pictures and the confirmation of the Wall Street Journal, the existence of a new PS4 Slim is not now a secret anymore, and we just have to wait for the official September 7 Sony event. Now comes an additional information: a new video, below, reveals that the console will come with a new version of the DualShock 4 presenting, in addition to the rear lightbar, even a light sugary on top of the touch pad.

For now we do not know the purpose of the new light bar, but we imagine that has been introduced to improve the recognition of your controller by the players without having to rotate. We will update you when there will be news, meanwhile we leave you the video in question. Good vision!

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