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The sandbox adventure Tomorrow Children is available in Free-to-Play formula on PS4

After almost two months after the launch of The Tomorrow Children , Q-Games has announced that the quirky adventure sandbox is downloadable and playable for free from today, Wednesday 26 October. Also, during the day we will publish the "Pack Frontier" containing documents Bourgeoisie liv. Firearms License 1, liv. 1, EagleCorp 3 tools, License, $ 500 free and Jetpack avatar. PS Plus members will also have a costume exclusive!

To celebrate this launch, the firm will offer a Halloween themed costume for a limited time! Login between now and November 2 to collect your costume.

Also Q-Games will publish shortly a major update of the game, not only to solve some problems that signaled the community but also to add new content to the game: new Islands, tools, costumes, powers of Void, textures, quests, and more. Megaphone, for example, will make it possible to improve communication and help players to cooperate to the fullest.

Finally, the software house has acknowledged that the community is extremely alive, and statistics from launch day are amazing:

Overall statistics:

  • Izverg exterminated: 1,716,528
  • Reanimated dolls: 999,139
  • The city rebuilt: 1,518

Data of top players of (cumulative):

  • Collected resources: 54,846
  • Izvergs exterminated: 15,981
  • Structures built: 3,057
  • Reanimated dolls: 5,040
  • Cities visited: 573
  • Cities visited: 1,287
  • Completed puzzles: 4,423
  • Distance traveled: 7,012,089
  • Number of bus rides: 3,687

We leave you with an image that shows us the Halloween themed costume: enjoy and have fun!