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Minecraft: update available today introduces the new minigame Glide

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 28 mar 2017 00:53
Mojang announced today that a new update is available free of Minecraft will introduce the minigame called Glide , in which players can compete using the elytra, wings that allow it to glide and available from the update in December. In the minigame are two Glide modes: Time attack , where players make their way through the rings as quickly as possible and Score Attack , where players add up the score depending on the color of the ring that will cross.

Both modes can be played in both single player and multiplayer online mode: the lobby can accommodate up to 16 players.

For the occasion was released a trailer that gives us a brief overview of Glide and some images that we present below. Good vision!

MP Video - Minecraft