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Yakuza Kiwami arrives in late August; new Italian trailer

Deep Silver announced that the HD remake of Yakuza Kiwami will be available in Europe on 4 August 29, 2017 for PlayStation in both physical and digital version at the price of £ 34.99. Moreover, the study said that by doing the pre-order, until stocks last, you can win a fantastic SteelBook Edition.

The software house has also released a long statement richly detailed unpublished on the game and a beautiful full Italian subtitles trailer that shows some of the events they see as protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. You find everything here: happy reading and enjoy!

The Dragon rises again- Yakuza Kiwami will arrive in the West on 29 August

Milan, April 12 – 12 long years have passed since the legendary Kazuma Kiryu, the Dojima Dragon, made its debut on PlayStation ® 2 in Yakuza , but it's time to come back where it all began. Get ready to unleash the Dragon, because the HD remake of Yakuza Kiwami will be available in Europe on August 29, 2017! The game will be released in physical and digital for PlayStation ® version 4 priced at £ 34.99. also, by doing the pre-order, until stocks last, you can win a fantastic SteelBook Edition ®.

We also launched the Yakuza Experience Website that presents the Yakuza series with an interactive timeline and map of the character, it also offers the first part of the series in 10 episodes of digital comics, "The Dragon's Path." The comic will recreate the iconic moments of the franchise, leading players in the events starting from Yakuza 0 till 6 Yakuza , longtime fans there are lots of other surprises in store. The interactive timeline and map of the character will update at the exit of each new chapter of the comic. Visit the site here:

At Kiwami, you will trace the arc of the nascent character of Yakuza, the game begins with the series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu which is locked up in prison for the murder of the Patriarch of his family (he didn't commit). To make matters worse, during the 10 years of his imprisonment, not only the clan of Kiryu expels from the yakuza, but 10 billion yen (~ $100 million) disappear from the Treasury of the clan. But that's not all, the childhood sweetheart of Kiryu has disappeared and the entire Japanese Underworld gives it the hunt for the missing money, Kiryu is lost until it can find the orphan girl Haruka, so will have to try the aunt who shares the same name as his great love. What will be the discovery of a network of betrayal and crime policy, but nothing will stop Kiryu in the reconquest of his honor.

Features Yakuza Kiwami :

  • New content – is not only a simple update graph, Kiwami adds almost 30 minutes of footage, providing greater understanding of the game's plot and creating a dialog with the prequel to the Yakuza series 0. Have you added distractions (Pocket Circuit Car Racing, MesuKing: Battle Bugs Beauties, new hostess and much more), side quests and upgrades to the fight to bring the original Yakuza game on next gen consoles.
  • A place for veterans and newcomers Yakuza Kiwami is the final bridge of the series: new players or those who started with Yakuza 0 will experience family, precise controls and an excellent location in English provided by SEGA to have an excellent starting point in the Yakuza franchise. The veterans will re-dive into the atmosphere of Kamurocho and weft, but with a new level of depth of history and cleaning of graphics.
  • But it was me! Majima! – At Kiwami, you may see the system "Majima Everywhere", where the deranged maniac with one eye will often surprise Kiryu to challenge him. Players must be on your guard from rival of Kiryu.
  • Revitalizing Extreme Kiwami will be rebuilt from scratch with new assets in HD, will be re-recorded the Japanese voice of the original cast and more; will be optimized for PlayStation 4 and will run at 1080 p/60 fps. The title will be released in the West in physical and digital version.

Yakuza Kiwami PlayStation 4 will be available in physical and digital release on August 29 at the price of £ 34.99. Than 0 Yakuza , Yakuza Kiwami offers an excellent starting point for those who want to compete for the first time with the series and hasn't had the opportunity to do so. Maintains the fascination old school beat-em-up gameplay with the PS2, but it mixes with a deep and tough detective plot set in viva Kamurocho-fiction's red light district of Tokyo in the game with all the distractions that can offer.

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