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BioWare: ANTHEM will offer a mix of different kinds

di Fabio Barbuto / oibaf84 P 4 lug 2017 01:11
In a recent interview to Canadian broadcaster CBC Radio , the general manager of BioWare Aaron Flynn spoke of ANTHEM , the new Canadian study that IP to last E3 surprised everyone arousing much interest among players and insiders. According to Flynn , the new game is not part of a specific genre as it includes different kinds of mechanical from offering an experience shooter, RPG and action at the same time.

The developer has also explained that the team has designed from the beginning as a cooperative game (but the campaign will still be approachable even alone), to have fun with their friends.

In order to play you must arm yourself with patience, since it will be much longer before you can get your hands on ANTHEM , waited on [/xbox] [xbox] Xbox One PlayStation 4 in the autumn of next year.