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Automaton confirms the battle royale to 400 players Mavericks: Proving Grounds also on consoles

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 23 feb 2018 09:04
A few days ago the UK study Automaton revealed new multiplayer game battle royale Mavericks: Proving Grounds , revealing that the title would be released by the end of the year on PC with support to match from 400 players.

Talking to the website wccftech Automaton CEO James Thompson has now confirmed that the game will arrive on consoles after launching for the PC, and that now the title is developed with consoles in mind: the game will in fact control system primary, also on PC, the game pad, so switching to world console will be completely painless, porting technology separately.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds uses a next generation engine, the SpatialOS of Improbable, which requires very powerful GPU (not just for graphics, but also replacement of less powerful CPUS) and so one of the challenges of team will be the one to optimize it for the current console; for now the team is focusing on the basic models of PS4 and Xbox One, but of course are provided greater benefits on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Thompson further explained that, after the release of battle royale mode, the team intends to equip the game even a mode "MMO" with 1000 players online in a single match.

Undoubtedly a very ambitious project, whose results we can see them only in several months. Waiting to know more we leave you to announce trailer that shows us the capabilities of graphics engine: enjoy!

MP Video - Mavericks: Proving Grounds