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The Last of Us: Part II opens the Conference Sony

di Alessandro Rindolli / Marius Vader P 12 giu 2018 03:08
After a short performance on stage by Gustavo Santaolalla , composer of the soundtrack to The Last of Us: Part II , the game shows to the public with a moving trailer, at least at the beginning, before the brutal the game world is manifested with a gameplay session.

In the session of Gameplay we see Ellie, the co-star of the first game and now here apparently protagonist, Wade through a nest of bandits at night, armed with bow and moving under cover of darkness. Thanks to the video we can see the remarkable technical sector of the game, as well as see different approaches to combat, by stealth to combat.

We leave you the trailer, hoping to learn new info as soon as possible on the long-awaited sequel: enjoy!

MP Video - The Last of Us Parte II