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The crooks in D.C. showing in the launch trailer for LEGO DC Super Villains

di TheprotectorofL P 11 ott 2018 15:33
In 8 days after arrival on our console, WB Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics have released a funny and chaotic launch trailer for LEGO DC Super Villains , the latest installment of the LEGO series developed by TT Games.

Protagonist of the video is the Joker, the villain more ruthless anarchist of the DC Universe, along with the other villains who find themselves to sow disorder in the two metropolis Gotham City and Metropolis, abandoned under mysterious circumstances by superheroes of the Justice League.

Paradoxically, the villain will be forced to join forces against a common enemy: another bunch of rascals from a parallel universe and posing as good: " the Union of Justice ". As can be seen from some of the trailer, you can clean up the town by new smart antagonists not only with classic villain such as Joker, Cat Woman, the Riddler, Lex Luthor and many others, but it will also create real villains of all new tools, customizing them, and giving it powers at will. Soon then to join the fray and bump the threat of these unpublished fake good by DC comics between explosions of blocks, puzzles and crisp lines.

We just have to let the anticipation of mayhem and humor of the trailer, remembering that LEGO DC Super Villains will be available from October 19 on our console: enjoy!

MP Video - LEGO DC Super-Villains