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The 1-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2 comes the 11 January; new trailer

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 8 gen 2019 17:28
As we had anticipated in our previous news , Capcom officially announced the 1-Shot Demo of Resident Evil 2, modern remake of the same name came out 20 years ago, available to download for a limited time and exactly from 11 to 31 January.

The 1-Shot Demo , will test the players asking him to survive the horrors of Raccoon City for only 30 minutes . If players manage to complete the mission objective within this time frame, will still be able to restart the mission and use the time that is left to explore again the demo. In the event of a death at the hands of zombies you can still continue playing until they are all finished and the 30 minutes available.

The end of the game session will reveal a brand new trailer, exclusively for those who will be playing the demo. As you cannot replay the demo when time runs out, the trailer will still be viewable as many times as you want.

In Demo 1-Shot players take on the role of Leon s. Kennedy, come to Raccoon City Police Department, which must survive ferocious zombies and solve puzzles to find a safe escape route from the station. With an entire building full of carnivorous creatures lurking and Leon that tries to escape while the timer is running, players must make sure to kill much more than just the weather.

The announcement is accompanied by a trailer subtitled in Italian: enjoy!

MP Video - Resident Evil 2