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Droidakas arrive on Battlefront II with latest update

di Matteo Merlano / maguzzolo P 24 giu 2019 17:02
Continue relentlessly the support that EA and DICE provide to their shooter dedicated to the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Battlefront II. With the latest update, coming the day after tomorrow, the fearsome droidka will appear on the battlefield!

These charismatic droids are characterized by their high firepower and ability to self-generate a protective shield, albeit at the price of reduced mobility. In addition, they have the ability to take spherical form to quickly reposition themselves on the battlefield: only the most experienced Jedi can not panic at the sight of one or more droideka coming to block the path, unfurling their cannons!

To compensate for this newentry, the Republic's forces will instead be able to rely on the new TX-130 combat tank, which can fire rockets separately from both sides or converge the fire on one side to maximize the damage caused.

Among other innovations brought by the update, we also point out an intriguing new skin dedicated to Anakin Skywalker, available in the new guise of "General Skywalker", revived from the time of the Clone War.

Take this opportunity to remind you that the Star Wars: Battlefront II event calendar includes tripling experience points for next weekend on Absolute Supremacymode.

We'll leave you to the trailer for this update, have a good look!

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