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Private Division announces Kerbal Space Program 2 development with trailer

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 21 ago 2019 11:32
During Gamescom, Star Theory and Private Division announced Kerbal Space Program 2, followed by the acclaimed space simulation title, coming to PlayStation 4 during the 2020. The new chapter of the saga features new vehicle parts, stunning graphics, colonies, interstellar travel, advanced modding and a multiplayer mode.

Here are the main game features reported by the developer:

  • A Facilitated Learning Process: Kerbal Space Program 2 It will form a new generation of spaceflight experts who as a side effect will discover that they have learned missile. New animated tutorials, an improved user interface and fully revised assembly and flight instructions will allow new players to immediately test their creativity without sacrificing the complexity that made it so interesting first title.
  • Next-generation technology: In Kerbal Space Program 2, the incredibly imaginative creations that made KSP famous will reach new heights. Players can have fun with a new generation of engines, parts, propellants and more. These new technologies will not only offer new problems to solve, but will enable space exploration feats never seen both inside and outside the original Kerbolare System.
  • Colonies: A whole new aspect of Kerbal Space Program 2 is colonies. In addition to introducing new problems from a physical point of view, the colonies also require the acquisition of new types of propellant and special resources for the construction of structures, space stations and housing units. At some point these colonies will be able to develop to such an extent that they can build new vehicles, extending exploration to deep space.
  • Interstellar Journey: Next-generation technologies, colonies, and the systematic collection of resources have the ultimate goal of unlocking a new level of exploration: interstellar travel. In Kerbal Space Program 2, interstellar technologies will pave the way for the discovery of a new set of celestial bodies, each with its own challenges and secret treasures. Among them we can mention: Charr,a planet of glowing iron; Ovin,a super-Earth with rings and characterized by relentless gravity; Rask and Rusk,a binary system tightened in a deadly dance. Exploration can reveal many more!
  • Multiplayer and modding: The technical developments introduced in Kerbal Space Program 2 will make its support for moddingeven more powerful, much appreciated in the original. In addition, you will finally be able to meet a long-standing request: the introduction of multiplayer! Players will soon be able to tackle deep space exploration together. These features will be discussed in more detail in the next updates.

The ad is accompanied by a trailer and a set of images; we show you all below: good vision!

MP Video - Kerbal Space Program 2