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The ESRB anticipates some details about Resident Evil Biohazard 7

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 27 ago 2016 09:36
Details on the new Resident Evil Biohazard 7 , which for the first time in the series will shift the perspective of first person game, are still scarce but now comes the European, the ESRB ratings board to tell us the first game information, including the name of the actor.

According to the ESRB, which after the leak he promptly removed ", Resident Evil Biohazard 7 we will assume the role of Ethan a man seeking his wife dispersed within an abandoned mansion and decadent. The institution also tells us that we will be able to use pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosive and chainsaws to kill "mutant creatures": you sound like the action component will still be present, even if it's to see how it will be balanced with exploratory parties and survival of the game.

For the rest, the body does not reveal anything you don't expect from the series: scene breaks up, blood splatter, in litres, corpses and the usual sample horror/gore.

The game's release, scheduled for January 24, is not far away, so we expect soon more official details from Capcom, which could arrive during the Tokyo Game Show in just over two weeks. Stay tuned!