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A trailer of Kingdom Come: Deliverance we anticipate an announcement at E3

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 2 giu 2017 11:06
Those who remember Kingdom Come: Deliverance , the Czechs open world RPG medieval Warhorse Studios that had tried two years ago? Since then the game has disappeared completely from the radar, but it looks like he's ready to make his reappearance at E3.

Deep Silver and Warhorse have released a new trailer for the game that anticipates an announcement that will be made on 9 August , shortly before the opening of the fair la-based. The movie gives us a brief overview of the Moors and feuds of the game, before shifting attention to a Knight who kicks off the onslaught of a huge army.

The game explains the Publisher, we dive into an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire, in order to avenge the death of our parents while we fight the invaders, we face the missions and make important choices. Castles, forests and villages of the game world will all be freely explored.

We leave you now in the trailer, referring to the 9 June for news about the game.

MP Video - Kingdom Come: Deliverance