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A teaser trailer he jumps in the mystery and horror of Black Mirror

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 17 nov 2017 11:42
A little more than 10 days after the release of the game, THQ Nordi c has posted a teaser trailer for the horror adventure Black Mirror that offers us a brief but intense anticipation of the contents of the title. The game is a reboot of the PC output in 2003, adventure and we will feature a completely new story and detached from the original title, but always in Scotland in the years ' 30.

In this new adventure will just pose as David Gordon , son of William Gordon on whose death he investigated his nephew Samuel in the original title: this is the only link with the saga of Black Mirror . The headline remains a classic third-person adventure and there will be a strong component of psychological horror , saw that the protagonist must contend with visions, horrors and mysteries.

We leave you to the trailer and we remind you that Black Mirror will be available from November 28 : enjoy!

MP Video - Black Mirror