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The Beta of Monster Hunter: World comes on 9 December to PS Plus members; all the details

di Hunting_News P 4 dic 2017 11:01
After having introduced to events and to the game world of Monster Hunter: World with an intro movie , Capcom revealed the release date when it will be possible to play the Beta of open-world developed by the Japanese company : on December 9 .

More precisely, this Beta will be playable PS Plus users only starting from 18.00 (Italian time) on Saturday December 9 till December 12 17.59 (Italian time) on Tuesday .

During the trial, players will take part in 3 missions set in 2 different sites:

-In ancient Forest you will hunt a fierce but inexperienced Great Jagras, or for the more experienced you will face the powerful threat of Anjanath

-In the area known as Wildspire Waste (an enormous expanse with swamps), you will face a Jade, mud Monster difficulty tier between the Great Jagras and Anjanath.

Be aware also that each mission can be tackled solo or with up to 3 other players online, you can then choose between 14 different types of weapons (provable in the room to workout) depending on your preferred style of play, which can be changed during the missions to the base camp.

Please note that all objects that you will get as a reward for each mission completed during the Beta, you will find them in the final version of the game on one condition: you have to play the full title with the same account used for the version of test.

We leave you now with a set of images dedicated to enemies (Great Jagras, Anjanath and Jade) of 3 quests, and invite you to follow us to learn about any updates that will affect the new Monster Hunter: World !