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Beyond Blue brings us to exploration in the deep ocean

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 15 giu 2018 09:10
The Publisher and online Media, already responsible for the scrolling adventure "Never Alone" , announced at E3 developing another particular title: Beyond Blue , an underwater exploration game that will take us to admire and Learn about the fauna of the deep ocean.

Set in the near future, Beyond Blue will probe the ocean depths as Mirai, the leader of a research team that uses the latest technologies to discover the secrets of the seas. The game will be supported by a narrative and gameplay run by managing resources, leading us continually to make important decisions for the success of the mission.

The game, arriving at the beginning of 2019, is developed in collaboration with some of the leading experts on World Ocean so he can create a credible and realistic experience. We leave you now to announce trailer and to a set of images: good vision.

MP Video - Beyond Blue