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Milo and Lola visit hell of Afterparty in E3 gameplay

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 16 giu 2018 10:45
At E3 independent study Night School study ( Oxenfree ) has released a video of the gameplay of Afterparty , their new adventure coming in 2019 . In Afterparty interpret two high schoolers Milo and Lola who, after a Frat Party, are suddenly dead and in hell. But there is a way out: reach Satan and beat him in a drinking contest.

The footage at E3 shows us the initial moments of the game, highlighting the wonderful art direction reminiscent of Oxenfree , and the system box, until you come to a fun race of beer pong with a demon. This is only the first in a long line of "alcoholic evidence" with which we will have to concentrate while we will dive more and more in the infernal, beating all of the subordinates of Satan until the boss himself. It seems that hell is not so detestable as believed!

We leave you to your movie: good vision.

MP Video - Afterparty