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GTA Online: upgrade that introduces the nightclub comes July 24

di Fabrizia Cossu / Bibi P 19 lug 2018 19:49
Rockstar has announced that the new free update of GTA Online, the multiplayer segment of Grand Theft Auto V, which introduces the nightclub , will be available on Xbox One PlayStation 4 since Tuesday 24 July . The new update called After Hours , will see the return of Tony Prince , aka Tony Gay , which comes straight from " The Ballad of Gay Tony" of GTA IV.

The update will allow us, as already anticipated , open, manage and administer a nightclub called Tony's Fun House, working right with the legendary impresario Tony Prince. We may also recruit planetary DJs, like Solomun , Tale Of Us , Dixon and The Black Madonna , and take advantage of local to give coverage to our criminal enterprise.

The announcement is accompanied by a trailer that we show: enjoy!

MP Video - Grand Theft Auto V