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A behind the scenes by Another Sight shows us the first sequences of gameplay

Lunar Great Wall Studios, Italian society of developing video games, today released the first behind the scenes video of Another Sight revealing, for the first time, some sequences of gameplay. Another Sight is a surreal fantasy adventure set in the late Victorian era.

Following the collapse of construction work on the London underground, Kit goes blind. Lost and alone in the dark, Kit meets a mysterious red haired cat Hodge. Together, come together to undertake a surreal adventure. To find your way back home, they will need their unique talents to confront challenges and solve puzzles, and meet a hidden society formed by the greatest inventors and artistic minds of the past.

In the video, Mark bridge (ceo of Lunar Great Wall Studios) and Andrea Basilio (Creative Director) explore the theme behind the game and main sources of inspiration, giving a first look at gameplay, characters and setting of Another Sight , turning this first ' behind the scenes ' into a source of precious revelations for fans who already follow the title.

Below we present more information on Another Sight diffused by developers.

ANOTHER SIGHT it's an adventure fantasy surreal with steampunk elements set in London in 1899, towards the end of the Victorian era. With a history rich in emotions, culture and personality, the game is notable for the two main characters: Kit, bold teenager who goes blind after an accident, and Hodge, a mysterious red haired cat destined to become an essential aid for girlfriend.

After they met in the dark, the two unite its forces to face an adventurous trip in unusual. During their journey they encounter a hidden society formed by the greatest inventors and artistic minds in the world, such as Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla and other cultural icons of the past.

Characteristics of the gameplay of Another Sight:

  • IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE – The story of a girl and her cat friend on a journey beyond the visible and real. An engaging and intriguing adventure that touches on themes like trust, friendship and loss of things we take for granted. The innovative gameplay and an exciting story are galvanized by a soundscape created by a symphony orchestra which accentuates the memorable moments between Kit and Hodge and the journey they have undertaken.
  • PAST MASTERS -While traveling, Kit and Hodge will meet famous artists such as Claude Monet and other historical cultural figures, learning new things about the world they are located and the dangers it presents. A world whose appearance will be influenced by celebrities that Kit and Hodge will encounter during their journey.
  • STORY-DRIVEN GAMEPLAY – Use the unique abilities of each character to help Kit and Hodge through the hidden world and overcome environmental challenges. The two characters, who perceive the world in very different ways, they can divide to explore different areas and at the same time partner in puzzle-solving adventure.

We leave you the video, remembering that the game will be available towards the end of the year on Xbox One PS4 : enjoy!

MP Video - Another Sight