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Italian trailer on the history of One Piece: World Seeker, more details

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 20 set 2018 12:51
Bandai Namco has released today the Italian version of the TGS trailer of One Piece: World Seeker that we showed you yesterday. So you can better understand what is explained in the video about the history of the game, personally supervised by the creator saddle series Eiichiro Oda which has introduced two new original characters in the title, Jeanne and Isaac, who will be the main focus of this new adventure from the Straw Hat Pirates.

The movie explains that the game is set on the Island Prison Island, whose inhabitants are divided into two camps: on one side, those in favour of the Marina, who accepted her auditing and modernization, on the other side the faction against the Navy Instead, value the tradition. The two new characters embody this Division.

Isaac, the Director of the prison, helped to rebuild the island after the war, using science and increasing its wealth and influence with this. Luffy and his companions have made little impression on him, and seems to have a connection with Lucci. Jeanne is against the Navy and the leader of the rebellion. Love the island as it was and vowed to protect its people. Craving peace after too many have already suffered because of this conflict.

We leave you the trailer, enjoy!

MP Video - One Piece: World Seeker