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Hitman 2: A bank in New York is the first additional location of the Expansion Pass

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 24 giu 2019 19:52
Warner Bros. Pictures and IO Interactive have announced that tomorrow, June 25, Will arrive TheBank, the first new location of the Expansion Pass (or Expansion Pack 1) of Hitman 2 that will introduce a huge and secure Bank of New York that will be the backdrop to a new campaign mission as well as new challenges and more.

The new content will also include a progression system that will allow us to unlock new starting points in maps, agency items, tools or weapons for our inventory. In addition, players will be able to unlock a new coat for Agent 47 (The New Yorker) along with Bartoli 12G, a customizable shotgun, and other additional items, all that can also be transported in other different environments and missions.

The new setting is shown to us in a trailer subtitled in Italian, which we propose below: good viewing!

MP Video - Hitman 2