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Yakuza 7 Like a Dragon: Two new videos and lots of information released

di rb.otaku03 P 12 set 2019 20:26
Fans of the Yakuza series will already know that the new chapter coming in 2020, Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon,has a new protagonist (Ichiban Kasuga),a new setting (Yokohama) and also a new gameplay (fights in Turnr RPG style), but you may wonder if at least the secondary activities, loved as much as the main plot, will remain unchanged.

SEGA recently answered the question through an update of the official website dedicated to the game and with 2 new videos showing the protagonist and his cronies in action. First of all we have confirmation that the secondary activities are there, and indeed will be more and more, starting from the Pachislots dedicated to some myths of the 80s many famous (like Ken the Warrior), then passing through the Dragon Kart,for crazy races through the streets of the cities aboard customizable go-karts and with the possibility to use weapons against their opponents, until you get to the "traditional movie theater" where our character will have to see some movies and then be engaged in a mini-game where we will have to resist goat-headed figures in order not to give in to sleep and lose the challenge.

But in the videos available you can also see many other activities typical of the series: cabaret clubs, golf and much more. The revelations do not end there: we have the way to see in action in the fights the protagonist, whose moves will also change according to the costume worn, as well as some of his cronies.

Saeko Mukouda works at a cabaret club and has gained the trust of the owner so much that he lets her run the business, Kouichi Adachi is a former police investigator degraded by his superiors for investigating the relations between some members of the Police and the Yakuza. Both will meet the protagonist during the main plot and join him in his adventures.

We now leave you to a new series of images and two videos: the first dedicated to the main story of the game with English subtitles and the second dedicated to gameplay available only in Japanese, good viewing!

MP Video - Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon