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Diablo IV: shared online world, online only, non-linear campaign. Will it be an MMO?

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 2 nov 2019 09:44
Lastnight's announcement about Diablo IV caused a lot of hype with fans celebrating the expected return of the famous action-RPG, and now more information is starting to arrive from Blizzcon. Among the most important novelties is that the game will have a completely open structure - unlike the linear stories of its predecessors - and will offer us a shared world with other players, not playable offline.

Blizzard has revealed that the game world will consist of five huge contiguous regions, each with a day/night cycle and dynamic climate, which we can explore as long as we have enough level and equipment to face the enemies we will find you. And we will not be alone: these areas will also be populated by other players, which we can meet during our explorations.

The new structure of the game then recalls that of an MMO,although the developers have never used this term and it is unclear how many players will be present in each instance of the world. Blizzard has also confirmed that the game will not be playable offline and will therefore be online only: it will take an ever-present connection to be able to play it. But this should not surprise anyone, since the Diablo 3 itself was not playable offline on PC, although there it was done for reasons of DRM rather than real gameplay motivations.

The developers go on to explain that the game's cities will be social hubs for chatting and creating game groups, while PvP areas will be present to fight with other players; While exploring the world, huge monsters - real PvE events - will appear that will require the collaboration of multiple players who will have to come together to succeed in order to be shot down. The world will also be so vast that it requires the use of mounts to be able to cross it quickly, and we can also equip our horses with armor and aesthetic customizations. Finally, dungeons will be randomly generated using an advanced version of the Diablo 3 generation engine, and there will literally be hundreds of them in the game world.

Finally, when the game will come out, Blizzard replied that the title won't come soon, even by the generally very long "short" standards that Blizzard itself has. It seems that we will have to wait a long time before we can play him, although he is still present in playable form at Blizzcon.