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Marvel's Avengers shows us the gameplay of the Beta, revealed the first post-launch hero

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 29 lug 2020 20:26
Square Enix today showed a long game sequence in the Marvel's AvengersBeta, which we remind you will arrive for players who have pre-ordered the game and 14 for everyone else and that will allow us to try out many of the features of the game including different missions in single players and a series of playable missions with a team of Avengers managed by the AI or four-player cooperative.

In one of these missions, we play as Ms. Marvel,the identity of young Pakistani-American student Kamala Khan,teaming up with the Hulk to infiltrate an AIM base in the middle of a forest in the American Pacific Northwest, following the last known location of the JARVIS AI. Later, the Quinjet will take us to a freezing Russian tundra War Zone to uncover some of the SHIELD's secrets hidden in an underground bunker.

The publisher also took the opportunity to announce that the first free additional hero to be introduced into the game after launch will be Hawkeye,at the Clint Bartoncentury, which we can play in a story inspired by some of his best comic moments. In his shoes we can wield his famous technological bow and his advanced arrows, in single player or cooperative with friends. Hawkeye's story will continue to evolve the narrative of the world of Marvel's Avengers,and all new missions will be accessible to the full range of playable heroes.

Now let's leave you with beta gameplay and the Hawkeye announcement trailer, reminding you that Marvel's Avengers is expected on September 4th: good viewing!

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