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Watch Dogs: more details on the multiplayer component

di Marco Pedone / lordmarcusrax P 16 mag 2013 22:24
During an interview for the PS Blog , the Creative Director of Watch Dogs Jonathan Morin revealed some new details on the multiplayer component of the title, which Ubisoft had already mentioned that would have contained elements of "player" invasion ".

Morin explained that you can tackle the game alone or with several people: " If you play alone ... games alone. This means that there are millions of people who confront him on their own. We have just added the ability to merge these gaming sessions in the way we wanted.

You can walk freely and run naturally in a type of business that will interact with another player, after which you will have finished and you separate. It's not like sharing the game with another person, but it's definitely a preliminary attempt to break that taboo. "

The creative director he wanted to dispel fears that this might somehow ruin the gaming experience by allowing strangers to interfere with our matches: " Often the players fear that someone could get into their game and ruin their gaming experience. It's an old injury. We have to overcome it and is merely a design problem, not technical: how to put together two players to make them interact so pleasant?

I can say that, whenever we see more people play together with Watch_Dogs, most of the time don't even realize to be interacting with other players. It is extraordinary that anyone can participate in an experience entering of course within a situation. These people become part of the story. "It was another player? Don't believe it! Amazing! ". Do not notice it. Is really fantastic!

Being one of the developers, I understand immediately when another player went into a game. If it walks like the characters controlled by artificial intelligence, then is a person! But Watch_Dogs players do not notice immediately. Is a new way to interact, which fits perfectly in the universe of Watch_Dogs, in which all look. "

It seems then that the development team is building this feature of the game keeping in mind the concerns of the fans and making sure the interaction with other players will be fun, enjoyable and a little intrusive. We have to wait for more details, which certainly will not fail during E3.