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For Honor: the launch trailer of the season Four

di Fabio Barbuto / oibaf84 P 13 nov 2017 20:43
Ubisoft has released the launch trailer of the season four of waiting For Honor , which will debut tomorrow, on November 14. This will introduce many new features including two new additional heroes Aramusha and Shaman , two new maps Market Town and The Gauntlet , a new game mode called Tribute objectives, equipment 4v4 ever seen before and new variants to armour which will offer more customization options for heroes.

The two new additional heroes will be immediately available for free to all Season Pass holders with exclusive access guaranteed for seven days; other players can unlock them from next 21 November for 15,000 pieces of steel each.

The two new multiplayer maps and the inedità Tribute mode are now available for free to all players since the start of the new season. The team says that, in the course of the latter, will introduce the inedità Dominion Ranked mode that will further enrich the competitive game experience and will introduce new updates coming soon, other improvements and servers dedicated, further expanding the entire offer.

And remember, that here it is possible to know in detail the contents of the new season coming up, we leave you to launch trailer wishing you a pleasant viewing.

MP Video - For Honor