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Thunderful confirms LEGO Bricktales by the end of the year, new gameplay trailer

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 16 ago 2022 18:48
Thunderful announced today that the new LEGO Bricktales brick title will arrive on next- and older consoles later this year; the game will see us travel through 5 different LEGO-themed biomes using a new building mechanic to solve, brick by brick, the puzzles proposed by the game.

From purely aesthetic creations, such as stalls and music boxes, to functional physics-based puzzles, such as building cranes and gyrocopters, LEGO Bricktales will offer a series of challenges and missions to test our imagination and our building skillsthrough the deepest jungle, sunny deserts, a lively corner of the city, a towering medieval castle and tropical Caribbean islands.

In each diorama we will find LEGO characters who need our help and we will have the opportunity to unlock new skills for our adventures. While exploring these colorful environments, we will discover a variety of building points with their brick sets: it is up to us to find a construction that works with each enigma. Whether we are asked to wear the designer hat and build a throne worthy of a king or to test our engineering skills to build a bridge that allows a digger to cross a river, how we will build our constructions and face the challenges that will be proposed to us will depend on us.

We leave you now to a new trailer showing the gameplay of the game: good vision.

MP Video - LEGO Bricktales