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New Tales from the Borderlands leaks before the announcement, developed by Gearbox

di Giuseppe Genga / Neural P 17 ago 2022 21:55
Gamescom is approaching and, as usual, the German fair will be the scene for announcements of new games; and always as usual, there will be no shortage of pre-fair leaks. One of these has just arrived today, with the publication (and quick removal) on Amazon of New Tales from the Borderlands, a new narrative adventure set in the world of Borderlands, sequel to Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands, but this time developed internally by Gearbox and with brand new protagonists.

The store has revealed the release date, set for October 21, the cover image (below) and the first details that we report below. For more information we will have to wait for the announcement at gamescom.

Stand against the ruthless lords of the multinationals in this narrative adventure!

In the metropolis of Promethea, perpetually at war, you will control Anu, Octavio and Fran on the worst day of their lives. Help these three lovable losers in their quest to change the world (and maybe even save it)!

Face a planetary invasion, a ferocious monster of the Crypt and a capitalist with an icy heart on this thrilling journey where what happens will depend on you! Meet a diverse cast of misfits, killer bots and talking guns in this race for power!

It is time to fight against exploitation and corporate greed. It's time to make chaos your business.

Main features

  • Decide the fates of the altruistic scientist Anu, the ambitious and "petty" brother Octavio and the ferocious Fran, who throws frogs. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, you'll have to make your way through claws and scams in this gripping five-part story!
  • The Borderlands are not only home to Crypt hunters, psychopaths and CEOs of gun corporations: they are also full of disadvantaged and intrepid civilians just trying to get by. With a host of faces both new and known, this unforgettable story will delight fans old and new.
  • The decisions you make will determine the end of your story in unexpected ways. Whether it's Anu's vision of a universe that markets other than weapons, Octavio's dreams of fame and fortune, or Fran's icy plan of revenge, their success or failure depends on you.